ChickenGuard sells its 100,000th automated chicken coop door opener

chicken coop door openers, has reached an important milestone after selling its 100,000th unit to a customer based in Sussex.

The Cambridge-based business started trading in 2013 and has since seen exponential growth after expanding sales to 48 countries worldwide. With over 1 million chicken owning homes in the UK alone and 60 million globally, ChickenGuard is well placed to continue growing its reach.

Commenting on the company’s recent achievement, Ben Braithwaite, Founder of ChickenGuard said: “I started ChickenGuard at my kitchen table nearly a decade ago, turning my own negative experience into something that helps chicken owners across the world keep their poultry safe from predators.

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far and the fact that we’ve just sold our 100,000th unit goes to show that there is a real need for our products. We’re excited to continue growing our global presence and find innovative ways to outfox all predators, no matter how cunning.”

The idea behind ChickenGuard came about ten years ago, when founder Ben was given a flock of chickens by his mother. Unfortunately, lack of experience led to him losing a few of his hens to a cunning fox. Determined to find a better solution to ensure his hens were safely shut in at night and let out in the morning, Ben created his first automated chicken coop door opener. Today, the innovative creation has grown into a full range of products that offer a variety of benefits to users including:

  • Reassurance that their chickens are safe and secure from night predators
  • Extra time to sleep in, as the coop door can be set to let chickens out in the morning and back in the evening at the appropriate times
  • Stress-free weekends and holidays as the timer and light sensor functions ensure your hens are self-sufficient

ChickenGuard has worked closely with customers, taking their feedback on board and incorporating it into various iterations of the product range. Currently, this includes the Standard, Premium and Extreme automated chicken door openers, the world’s first self-locking door and Combi Kits which combine their smart automated door openers with either the self-locking door for extra protection or their classic door with oak wooden runners..

All ChickenGuard units are made in the UK, at the company’s headquarter in Cambridge. This enables the business to maintain stringent quality standards, reliable shipping methods and a high level of customer service.

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About ChickenGuard

ChickenGuard is a Cambridge-based company that created the innovative automated chicken coop door opener. Their aim is to protect poultry against predators and give chicken owners peace of mind by creating quality products which are handcrafted in the UK and providing unequalled customer service. Since launching commercially in 2013, ChickenGuard has created a global presence and expanded sales to 48 countries worldwide. With over 60 million chicken-keeping households globally and over 1 million in the UK alone, ChickenGuard is set to continue growing and create products that protect poultry everywhere against all predators.