Leading chicken coop door manufacturer announces impressive sales growth

ChickenGuard, the organisation behind the world’s most innovative automatic chicken coop door openers, has revealed impressive sales growth of their popular chicken coop doors by an astonishing 41% based on volume, year-to-date.
The remarkable increase in sales is attributed to ChickenGuard’s expanding network of trading partners around the world. The organisation has sold online to chicken owners in 49 countries, with trade partners established in just 21 of those countries, so potential for continued growth remains huge.

Founder of ChickenGuard Ben Braithwaite, comments: “I’m delighted to report a strong performance in the first half of 2019. This truly remarkable growth demonstrates the incredible appetite out there for chicken ownership.

“In the UK alone, there are now over one million chicken owning homes and over 60 million globally, so it is truly encouraging to be supporting a growing community with peace of mind by keeping their beloved flocks safe and ensuring they don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn.”
To date, 2019 has proved to be an extremely successful year for ChickenGuard. Earlier this year, the organisation was awarded a prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade for Outstanding Short-Term Growth.

In the last three years, overseas sales have grown by 180% and the proportion of sales exported has increased to over 80% of total sales. This is thanks to their focus on established chicken-owning markets, such as France and Belgium, the rapidly expanding USA market, where 8% of homes are now keeping backyard chickens, and the heartland of the UK. The business wishes to continue growing, and has identified Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America and Australasia as being key areas of focus.

Ben concludes: “Following this strong start to the year, we remain confident in our full year guidance and delivery of our planned investments to support our global ambition.”

The idea behind ChickenGuard came ten years ago, when founder Ben was given a flock of chickens by his mother. Unfortunately, lack of experience led to a few hens going to chicken heaven thanks to a cunning fox. Determined to find a better solution to keep his hens safely tucked away at night and let out in the morning, Ben created his first automated chicken coop door opener.
All ChickenGuard units are made in the UK, at the company’s headquarters in Cambridge. This enables the business to maintain stringent quality standards, reliable shipping methods and a high level of customer service.

For more information about ChickenGuard visit www.chickenguard.co.uk

Leading chicken coop door manufacturer announces impressive sales growth

About ChickenGuard

ChickenGuard is a Cambridge-based company that created the innovative automated chicken coop door opener. Their aim is to protect poultry against predators and give chicken owners peace of mind by creating quality products which are handcrafted in the UK and providing unequalled customer service. Since launching commercially in 2013, ChickenGuard has created a global presence and expanded sales to 49 countries worldwide. With over 60 million chicken-keeping households globally and over one million in the UK alone, ChickenGuard is set to continue growing and create products that protect poultry everywhere against all predators, from foxes to martens to raccoons.